After receiving a review from my fellow-homeschooler, Kitara, I decided to pass on Wind in the Willows, at least for now. Kitara had good things to say about the book, but mentioned she found it a bit more literary/advanced than she’d expected, plus she found parts of it to be quite dull. My opinion is life is too short to read your children the wrong books (and the “right” books are still wrong if they’re not read at the proper time in the child’s life), so I decided to take a shot at The Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. White, and man are we loving it! I remember being read Charlotte’s Web when I was in 2nd grade (and I enjoyed it immensely), and this is the same author, of course.

The words of this book flow beautifully on the page, and White paints such a great picture of the nature all around the camp and pond area that has become the setting of the story. We’re on Chapter 5 now and we’re finding the mama and daddy swans to be quite amusing! In chapter five (read about an hour ago before the girls went to sleep), we met the brand new cygnets who just hatched from their eggs. Farrah was so sleepy, but forced herself to remain awake until I read the last word. Looks like chapter 6 will introduce the main problem of the story (yep, I peeped), so I’m looking forward to tomorrow night’s read!

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