Amazon “Trade In” Rocks!

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon Amazon’s “Trade In” Program, and I LOVE it! I purchase from Amazon quite often, and will be using the site even more frequently to purchase homeschool books. With their trade-in program, you can trade in DVD’s, CD’s, games and books and get a credit to use on Amazon. Your items need to be either new, like new, or in good condition (their website has criteria listed for each, and the better the condition the more money the item is worth to them, naturally). So last week I went through all our DVD’s, gathered up the duplicates and the ones we simply didn’t care to see anymore, and spent a couple of hours inputting each one to see how much, if anything, I would get. We even had some new ones that were never opened. For some items, I got as much as $4.00 back. Others yielded $0.50. For the ones that were only worth $0.25, I kept! Anyway, I boxed them up and sent them off for free (you can print a prepaid UPS shipping label directly from their site). It’s less than a week later and my trade-in value credit of $55 has already been added to my account already. Get this – they even revised the condition of two of my items – from “good” condition to “like new” condition (which yielded some extra $ value).

When doing my search, I even found that they would credit me $50 for one of Ray’s old college textbooks that has been sitting on this shelf (identical ISBN – you have to check ISBN’s because of the different editions that come out!). However, their textbook criteria allows for light highlighting but no pen/pencil marks, and to my disappointment, there were a few pages at the very front that Ray had written notes on. Bummer!

Next time you’re low on cash, check out Amazon! You can use your trade-in value for anything (because Amazon does sell EVERYTHING – diapers, clothes, shoes, FOOD, media (of course), furniture, electronics, and more! I’m headed there now to use my credit. I’m getting The Complete Book of Grammar & Punctuation for Grades 3-4, The Child’s Story Bible, and National Geographic Kids Beginner’s World Atlas.

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