I blinded my poor child with a thousand flashes today! Two years ago, God blessed us with our sweet, precious, adorable Callie, and I was working my camera all day to commemorate the occasion. You hear moms say this all the time, and it’s not just an expression. WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?? Wow – it’s been two years? I thank God that He has made provisions for me to be a stay-at-home mom. I can’t imagine not being able to savor these moments with my girls the way I currently do. What a blessing it has been!

We started off with a fun day trip to The Woodlands Mall where we played at the “tree” playground, ate in the food court, raided the bubblegum/candy machines, and rode the trolley around the Waterway area. I was hoping to ride the carousel, but I didn’t have enough cash.

Auntie Ann and Michole were nice enough to grace us with their presence this evening, and we finished the celebration with yummy chili dogs, cake and ice cream, and opening presents. Here are these beautiful ladies:

As of right now (a few minutes until midnight), everyone in the family is asleep, and I’m becoming fearful of the fact that we have to do this all over again tomorrow (yep – it’s Farrah’s 4th birthday)! No rest for the weary…

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