My dear husband! He woke me up suddenly from my afternoon nap and said “Karen, sorry to wake you, but the weather is really nice outside for planting our garden.” That was music to my ears! Earlier today we had gone to Home Depot and purchased a raised garden kit, some plants, seeds, and other material, as I’ve been wanting to do a small box garden with the girls for the past couple of years. The people in the garden center at Home Depot are very helpful. The lady advised us on exactly what to get, and along with the garden bed kit we ended up getting a few tomato plants, a green pepper plant, seeds for beans and peas, a marigold plant, (pretty ambitious, right?), garden soil, mushroom compost, a watering can and a few digging tools. The raised garden bed is a 4′ x 4′ x 7″ structure that’s easy to put together in just a few minutes. It sits on top of a spot in the lawn and you end up pouring the garden soil directly over the grass.

By the time we got home and ate, I was too exhausted to get started working outside, so I figured I’d get to building the garden another day. (Hey, I didn’t get the name “Ms. Procrastinator” by starting projects on time). So I was glad Ray woke me up! I think this will be an exciting project for the girls! We studied the packets of seeds together and talked about what the pictures and planting instructions meant. I wish I had the cute little gardening tools for the girls (I’ve seen them at Target in the past), but what we have will do for now. I always delay projects because I don’t have the exact items on hand that I want, but I’m starting to learn that things don’t have to be perfect! Just get it done!

We should start seeing signs of growth from the beans and peas in just 7-14 days (if all goes well). The lady at HD said the bugs that like to eat tomatoes do not like the smell of marigolds, so we’re planting marigolds in the corner to hopefully deter the pests!

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